Ear Piercing

Why we don’t join the jewelry trend of fake piercings

Piercing yes or no – probably everyone asked themselves this question as a teenager. But what about fake piercings? Seen it at Gucci, Chanel, and Co., and yet we ask ourselves the question: do we have to follow this trend at all?

Whether lip, navel, or nose piercing, metallic body jewelry means freedom for many to live out their own individuality. Because wearing piercings openly is not a matter of course. In many professional groups, unconventional jewelry is still prohibited or has to be masked with tape. Last but not least, the last Fashion Weeks have shown that there is still a certain fascination with body jewelry. Why is that?

The hype about fake piercings

The appeal of piercing lies somewhere between rebellion, adrenaline rush, and body optimization. Some piercings are even emblematic of an era, so everyone who wanted to be hip in the 90s and 00s had a navel piercing. And the septum piercing has also enjoyed great popularity in recent years. So far, however, all trends have had one thing in common: the pieces of jewelry were small and suitable for everyday use.

That is changing now. Statement piercings are more in demand than ever, not just on the catwalks, but also on the red carpet. These are of course not real, but fake piercings. The most prominent advocate of the new jewelry trend is Angelina Jolie. At the “Eternals” premiere, she appears with an XL mouth ring, which causes quite a stir.

That’s why it’s ok not to follow the new jewelry trend

Two small but very important things distinguish fake jewelry from real piercings: they can be removed and they are much less practical due to their size. The septum piercings at the recent Gucci show even protrude far beyond the mouth, posing a disability when speaking and eating.

Wanting to wear a fake piercing does not require months of thinking about whether you really want to see yourself with a piece of jewelry on your body. It doesn’t deal with what it stands for and what you want to express with it. Especially with regard to cultural appropriation, one should be sensitive to the designs. Regardless of whether it’s a tattoo or a piercing, if something is supposed to last forever, you deal with a topic much more intensively than you do with a trend. That’s why we think: We can confidently do without the trend.