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The ear piercing, your body, and you

Getting a piercing is a minor injury. That’s not so bad, because your body is well-prepared for ear piercing. Normally, a crust forms to help the wound heal, which keeps dirt and bacteria out. With an ear piercing, the process is a little different. In this case, your body forms a new layer of skin around the piece of jewelry. With the right treatment, you support the healing process and prevent inflammation.

We understand well if you want to present your new piercing to friends. That’s easy too! Only avoid certain activities that stand in the way of wound healing. These include bathing in the lake or in the sea as well as a visit to the sauna or solarium. Instead, make yourself comfortable alone or with friends. Sports, alcohol, and cigarettes also hinder the healing process. Unfortunately, a relaxing bath is also not recommended. But a warm shower by candlelight also guarantees a relaxing time and is harmless.

The little three times three cleaning the ear piercing

Thorough cleaning is important after visiting a piercing studio. Clean the fresh piercing three times a day for three weeks. Even more common is neither necessary nor good for wound healing. How to clean your piercing:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly first.
  • Take a cotton swab from a sterile container and dip each side in an antiseptic. A saline solution or another care product that your piercing studio has recommended is also suitable for cleaning. Always clean from the inside out to avoid wiping debris into the wound.
  • When a crust has formed, dip a piece of kitchen roll in lukewarm water and soak the layer. Then carefully remove it.
  • Change your sheets and towels every week during this time to keep bacteria at bay.

Do you have any cotton swabs left? The inconspicuous little helpers are real all-rounders in the household! Find out here how you can use cotton swabs in a variety of ways.

Individual care for your piercing

You see earrings very often. But other parts of the body are also very popular with piercings. Depending on which spot you have chosen, these tips will help you to properly care for and clean your piercing:

·        Ear piercings:

The classic among piercings. If it’s freshly cut, touching it and turning it around is at least as popular. To aid wound healing, try to keep your hands away. Your hair should also be kept as far away as possible so that it does not get caught in the jewelry. In winter, this also applies to wool hats for the same reasons. Would you like to color your hair? Then do it quickly before the piercing date, because afterward, it is not advisable to do it.

·        Oral & Lip Piercings:

Use chamomile tea as a mouthwash or use non-alcohol antibacterial mouthwash to aid healing. Conventional mouthwashes are not suitable. To keep the wound clean, brushing and rinsing your teeth after each meal is recommended. This piercing also pierces your diet: avoid spicy and acidic foods and dairy products for a while. Also, make sure to eat slowly and carefully.

·        Belly button piercing:

Clothes make piercings: With this piercing, neither frequent touching nor your diet is a problem. The choice of clothes is crucial for this. It is best to wear loose clothing without coarse stitches. If you’re looking for an excuse to hit the gym, now you have a good reason to stay home. Because you should refrain from sports, as you move the affected area of ​​the body a lot and that hinders healing.

·        Genital piercings:

With this piercing, you make the right choice with breathable underwear and loose clothing. Chamomile sits baths are the ideal wellness treatment for you and you’re piercing.

How to take care of your ear piercing

Even when the wound has fully healed, your ear piercing should be cleaned regularly – preferably every two weeks. To do this, remove the piercing, unscrew it completely and clean all parts individually. The puncture channel can be cleaned with a proven cotton swab to remove skin flakes and dirt particles.

You’re piercing shines, but what about your other jewelry? In this video, we show you how you can easily make your jewelry shine again.

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