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Proper septum piercing in the USA

Ancient warriors decorated their noses to intimidate their enemies, and to show their bravery and status. Today, septum piercing is a way of expressing yourself. Here’s how to make your own septum piercing.

septum piercing
septum piercing

Important! We recommend that you turn to experienced specialists for any cosmetic procedure, especially when it comes to surgery.

What is septum?

From Latin septum means “partition”. The septum is a horizontal puncture of the nasal septum between the nostrils. There are no nerve endings in this soft zone, so it is easy to avoid pain and complications from the puncture.

Who suits the septum?

Septum suits both females and males. The main benefit of this type of piercing is that it is easy to conceal. This is important for those who are expected to adhere to a business style of dress.

Tip: if you have an elongated tip of the nose, opt for a piece of concise septum jewelry. Small ornaments go well with people with large facial features.

How to make your own septum at home

It is not particularly difficult to make your own septum at home. That is why many people choose to pierce the septum at home.

What do you need?

The most important requirement is sterility. Wash hands with soap and disinfect the septum jewelry and the instruments.

Shopping List:

  • disinfectants;
  • septum forceps;
  • gloves without powder;
  • cotton pads, bandages;
  • Earring;
  • piercing needle 14g;
  • Mirror.

Important: The diameter of the needle must correspond to the diameter of the piece of jewelry and be long enough.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. After disinfection, the instruments are placed on a sterile pad (gauze, bandages).
  3. Clean the nasal passages with cotton pads dipped in saline solution.
  4. Wash your hands and put on gloves.
  5. Apply an antiseptic to the nose at the future puncture site: inside and outside. Do not use alcoholic products. They would burn the mucous membrane.
  6. Mark the entry and exit points of the needle.
  7. Place the septum forceps on the marked points and withdraw them so that the puncture does not hit the nasal septum or cartilage.
  8. Now the puncture. The needle should enter the nose at a right angle.
  9. Remove the needle, and treat the puncture site with an antiseptic.
  10. Thread and secure the earring.
  11. Use Miramistin.

How can I pierce the septum myself if I don’t have special septum forceps? Feel the nasal septum with your thumb and forefinger, find the thinnest part, pull it back slightly, and insert the needle. Usually, it is the zone closest to the tip of the nose.

Septum without pain

Everyone has a pain threshold. What is painless for one person is uncomfortable for another. In the salons, the specialists try to have a conversation with the clients in order to relieve tension and perform the procedure at an unexpected moment. You can also apply a light-numbing ointment or spray. You can also take a numbing tablet 20 minutes before the injection.

Tears or a drop of blood from a wound is a normal body response.

How to care for septum piercing

For care, you need an antiseptic (Miramistin) and 0.9% saline solution (sodium chloride).

For the first two weeks:

  1. Rinse your nose thoroughly with saline solution.
  2. Apply Miramistin to a cotton pad and place it on the puncture site for 30 seconds.
  3. Dampen a cotton swab with Miramistin and treat the puncture site around the earring.
  4. Repeat the treatment 2-3 times a day.

After two weeks, you only need the saline solution. Treat your nose 2 times a day. 

It is particularly important to treat the injection site. The healing process lasts from 1 to 2 months.

Important: It is forbidden to visit bathhouses, saunas, swimming pools, the sea, or open water!

In the first month, try to minimize mechanical influences on the earring: wear clothes with a collar carefully, do not touch the jewelry, and gently blow your nose. It is advisable for women not to apply makeup, and for men not to shave the zone above the lip.

Possible complications

It is especially important to keep a close eye on the condition of the wound.

How do I know that something went wrong?

After a month, the following symptoms remain:

  • itching and redness;
  • swelling around the injection site;
  • lymph fluid;
  • The pain at the puncture site.

If you have any of the above symptoms, make an appointment to see your doctor.

When is it forbidden to pierce the septum

  • There are some contraindications:
  • drunkenness;
  • ENT disease, runny nose;
  • Fever;
  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • Epilepsy;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • Allergies to metals.

How to choose septum piercing jewelry?

Jewelry plays an important role, so choose a smooth earring made of high-quality metal. For your first piercing, you should choose a piece of titanium, platinum, medical-grade steel, Teflon, or brass. Once the septum has healed, you can consider gold, silver, and other materials.

Types of jewelry:

  • Circulars – semicircular earrings with balls at the ends;
  • Bananas are slightly curved sticks with balls at the ends (the shape resembles a banana);
  • micro bananas;
  • Barbells – straight, bar-shaped earrings with balls at the ends;
  • Clickers are round earrings with a clasp.

Tip: Sometimes the pearls on a piece of jewelry cannot be unscrewed on the first try. In this case, you can either ask a specialist or try yourself: apply cotton pads moistened with chlorhexidine to the earring.

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