Ear Piercing

Piercing: Information, healing time, and aftercare

The helix piercing is one of the most popular piercings in the world. It is pierced through the small bulging border of the ear and is therefore one of the carpel piercings. Cartilage piercings carry special risks and have a longer healing time. The pain can also be a little greater because there are many nerves running in the ear cartilage and a piece of bone has to be pierced.

In principle, there are two options for a helix piercing:

  • Pricking with cannulas
  • Dermal punch

When piercing, the helix is ​​pierced with a conventional piercing needle. This is the right option if you want to wear piercing jewelry with thin bars (about 1.2 or 1.6mm). In addition, the ear hole will close again if you no longer want to wear jewelry later.

With the dermal punch, the cartilage tissue is not displaced as with piercing but punched out of the ear. Punching is suitable for thicker piercing jewelry with rods from around 2 mm. By removing the tissue, less pressure and pain are then felt. Also, punched piercings heal faster. A disadvantage is that the hole will not heal completely because cartilage tissue cannot be reproduced by the body.

Helix piercing Healing time:

With a normal helix piercing, the healing time is about two to six months. A punched piercing will heal after four weeks if the process goes well. Of course, these are only guidelines. In any case, bring enough patience with you, and don’t change your piercing jewelry too early!

Risks and costs

Never let a jeweler shoot your piercing with a normal ear piercing gun. A helix piercing is not a simple piercing and you will benefit from the experience of a professional. Unlike an ear piercing, a helix does not pierce through soft tissue, but through cartilage. If you shoot through it, it can splinter and cause inflammation. Nerves can also be injured. Don’t take any unnecessary risks here.

In addition, piercing a helix causes more pain than an ear piercing. An experienced piercer knows this, he works quickly and professionally.

Definitely find a good studio. Ask around in your circle of acquaintances to see if anyone can recommend a studio for you. Still, you should take the time to compare several studios. In particular, pay attention to:

  • Cleanliness and hygiene: Is the workspace separate from the reception? Are the instruments packaged sterile? Do the piercers work with gloves?
  • How is the chemistry between you and the piercer? Similar to doctors, you are dependent on the advice of a specialist. You should therefore have confidence in him.
  • Do you take the time to advise me in detail? A good studio will inform you about the risks and possible long-term effects and offer you an appointment for aftercare.
  • Not every piece of jeweler works where you imagined it would. When in doubt, listen to the piercer’s advice. Especially when wearing glasses, the bracket can press on the piercing and delay healing.

To save time and money, don’t go for the fastest and cheapest studio. If you have to be prepared for waiting times, take this as a good sign. Fully booked studios speak for quality.

Helix piercing price:

The cost of a helix piercing can vary greatly depending on the state, region, and studio. However, you should calculate about 40 to 70 euros. First, the medical, connector is usually included.


As with any other piercing, aftercare is extremely important. The greatest risks of inflammation are not during the lancing but during the subsequent healing period.

  • Clean and disinfect the piercing about twice a day
  • Avoid unnecessary messing around and only touch your fresh piercing with freshly washed hands
  • Treat yourself to a lot of rest in the initial period after the sting. Avoid sports and strenuous physical activities
  • Do not visit places with high bacterial loads such as swimming pools, saunas, and solariums
  • Protect your Helix from mechanical stimuli from sleep, phone calls, clothing, and hairbrushes
  • Make sure that no shampoo, make-up, cream, hairspray, or styling products get into the wound

Buy helix piercing

If your piercing has healed well and without complications, you can look forward to a new piece of jewelry. For example, instead of a stud, you can wear a ring decorated with bound balls or ornaments.

The best way to order a helix piercing is on the Internet, which is completely uncomplicated. The selection is huge and the payment and ordering formalities are quick and easy. In the Helix Piercing Shop, you are spoiled for choice. High-quality materials ensure that you can enjoy your new jewelry for a long time. You can choose between titanium, gold, PTFE, or surgical steel. A style mix of rose and white gold is also beautiful. If you are not allergic to nickel, you can also use silver jewelry. If you like it simple, wear the jewelry pure. Rings and studs with zirconia, crystals, opals, or even small segments are available for a little more glitter on the ear.

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