Nose piercing Care Instructions & Healing

Nose piercing care can be placed in many different places. The following five types are the most common:

  1. Nostril – through a nostril
  2. Septum – through the nasal septum
  3. Bridge – through the bridge of the nose
  4. Austin Bar – through the tip of the nose
  5. Nasal Lang – through the nostrils and nasal septum

The Different Types of Nose Piercing Jewelry

Nostril piercing

The most popular nose piercing is the Nostril. It is pierced through the nostril and is particularly popular with women. You can vary it and wear several piercings arranged in a row. The most popular form is the nose stud. This is available in numerous variants. Many plugs are provided with small gemstones or have unusual shapes.

Septum piercing

Septum piercing is enjoying increasing popularity. It is worn equally by men and women. The name derives from the Latin septum nasal and describes the connective tissue below the nasal septum through which the piercing is pierced. All information about the septum piercing can be found here.

Bridge piercing

A bridge or Earl is called, refers to a piercing that is pierced directly at the top of the bridge of the nose. The stabbing of a bridge is classified as risky since there are many nerve tracts at this point. It should only be pierced by experienced piercers as serious complications can result if done improperly. A banana is usually used as jewelry. The curved shape of the rod reduces the risk of outgrowth. The claim that a bridge piercing causes squinting is untrue. Nevertheless, care should be taken when piercing that the piercing is not in the field of vision.

Austin bar piercing

You rarely see an Austin bar piercing. It is not very common, which is certainly due to its unusual position. It runs horizontally through the anterior cartilage of the tip of the nose. The puncture channel does not run through the interior of the nose but is located above the tip of the nasal septum. This piercing is named after its first wearer. A barbell is usually used as jewelry. The vertical variant of this piercing is called a rhino piercing.

Nasal long piercing

The nasal long piercing is also rare. It runs through both nostrils and the nasal septum. It’s basically a combination of two Nostril piercings and a very high septum. The branch channels are all at the same height. It can be stung in one go, but it is not recommended. Staff is usually used as jewelry.

Care Instructions & Healing of a Nose Piercing


As a rule, all 5 piercings that we have presented here are pierced with a venous catheter or an indwelling cannula. The only exception is the Nostril piercing. It is also shot with an ear piercing gun. However, this method has been very controversial for many years because the tissue can tear. It should therefore always be pierced by a professional piercer. As with any piercing, the affected area is first thoroughly disinfected and the puncture site marked. The catheter or cannula is then pierced through and the jewelry is inserted.

Healing a nose piercing

The healing time of the different piercings depends on many factors. A plain Nostril will heal in about 4 weeks, whereas a Nasal Lang will take up to 3 months. Proper care is important for a good healing process. If at all, the piercing should only be touched with washed hands and only treated with suitable care products and disinfectants. A follow-up check with the piercer is also important because he can identify complications early and remove the piercing if necessary or suggest another care product.

Nose piercing care

Thorough hygiene is the most important thing when caring for a piercing. If the piercing has to be touched for care, the hands should always be washed and ideally disinfected. The Pronto Lind Piercing & Tattoo Gel is particularly suitable as a care product. Visiting the sauna, solarium, swimming pool, etc. is not advisable in the first week, as there is an increased risk of infection in these places. You should also avoid make-up or skin creams.

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