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How to hide a septum piercing

A septum piercing is pierced through the connective tissue of the nose below the nasal septum cartilage. While this piercing looks great, it’s not always appropriate jewelry when you’re going to school or work. Even your conservative grandparents won’t be impressed by this body jewelry. You shouldn’t take your new septum piercing out for at least six to eight weeks, but during that time you can wear it more discreetly and still avoid getting it infected. If you’ve had your piercing for a few months, you can wear a retainer ring (horseshoe-shaped ring) that you can fold up so that it sits in your nose and isn’t noticeable.

Hide a newly pierced septum piercing

Choose the thinnest and most inconspicuous piercing ring.

Usually, a ring of 16g ​​has the smallest width. If you choose this size, the ring will not catch the eye as much.

  • Avoid jewelry rings that are set with rhinestones or similar, as they catch the light and make the ring more noticeable.

Don’t take out your septum piercing for at least six to eight weeks.

It’s a bad idea to take your piercing out before it’s healed. This increases the chance of infection. The wound site can also close again. A nose that is swollen or bruised will draw the attention of those around you. But the healing process is also slowed down.

  • Once you remove the ring you will find it difficult to put it back in as the wound will hurt.

Cover the piercing with a skin-colored plaster.

While this won’t help you hide the fact that you have one of these piercings, it will at least cover it up temporarily. This can be particularly helpful at work or during sports.

  • Sports Band-Aids or similar Band-Aids work well if you cut them to the right size.
  • You will need to remove the bandage every day to clean your piercing.

Clean you’re piercing with a saline solution every day.

You should apply a little saline solution to both sides of your piercing every day. Afterward, you should wash the affected skin areas with water to avoid the salt drying out your skin.

  • While cleaning the piercing, avoid moving it too much to prevent irritation.
  • If you take good care of your piercing, it will be much easier to hide it more effectively in the long run. If the area around your piercing is infected or swollen, it will be more noticeable.

Hide your septum piercing with a retainer

Purchase a septum retainer after six to eight weeks.

A retainer is a horseshoe-shaped ring that you can fold over your nose to hide your piercing. This keeps the piercing hole open while also making it less obvious that you actually have a piercing. There are different versions of a horseshoe ring, which also do not cost much.

Choose a ring that is the same width as your current jewelry.

You can buy a retainer either online or at a piercing store. If this is your first time buying a retainer, it’s best if you go to the store and see the selection for yourself. This will help you decide which style and size suit your face best.

  • It is important that you wait the recommended amount of time before wearing a retainer. This reduces the chance of your piercing becoming infected.

Insert the retainer as you would insert a regular septum ring.

Use a mirror to find the hole in your nose. Remove any stopper from your jewelry and bring the horseshoe ring to your nose. Then slowly insert the ring through the piercing hole and secure the ends of the piercing so the ring cannot fall out.

  • If insertion hurts, stop pushing and try slightly changing the angle of insertion of the ring.
  • Before you change your piercing jewelry, you should always wash your hands first.

Twist the ring so it’s on the inside of your nose to hide it.

Pull down the skin between your mouth and nose. Then gently push the balls of the retainer up and then back to tuck it in your nose. If you’re having trouble getting the retainer up your nose, try a smaller horseshoe ring.

This will become easier the longer you have your piercing as the swelling in your nose will decrease over time.


Consider wearing a fake septum piercing if you want one but can’t show it off for 6-8 weeks. These fake rings are inexpensive and easy to wear and remove.

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