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How much does piercing cost? Piercing prices

You can find out how much a certain piercing cost and what the prices depend on here on our website. For a better overview of the costs, we have created a price list for you, which should serve as a first orientation.

To get a piercing, you should always go to a professional piercing studio with experienced and certified piercers. The studio you choose should also be germ-free and pay the utmost attention to hygiene.

This is the only way to ensure that the desired piercing is pierced correctly and heals without any problems. A professional piercer will also give you good advice on initial use and jewelry because the right jewelry is extremely important for the speedy healing of your piercing.

Some selection criteria for a good studio include membership in the VPP (Association of Professional Piercers) and reputable certificates, for example from, DGSV eV, or EAPP.

How much do piercings cost?

The piercing prices usually include the stinging and the initial jewelry, whereby the care products for the piercing have to be purchased separately in many studios. The individual prices for getting a piercing depends on the body part and the expertise of the piercer.

Piercing price list

The price list below gives you an initial overview of the price range for the individual piercings:

Have the ear (earlobe) piercedfrom €10
Ear piercing like tragus, helixfrom €20 to €80
Nose piercing (nose lobe, septum)From €30 to €80
belly button piercingFrom €40 to €70
Lip piercing (also lip band piercing)From €40 to €80
Tongue piercing and tongue tieFrom €35 to €70
eyebrow piercingFrom €40 to €70
Genital piercing for men (Prince Albert, frenulum piercing)From €40 to €170
Intimate piercing for women (clito piercing, Christina piercing, Diana piercing)From €40 to €170

How much does an ear piercing cost?

Ear piercings cost between €20 and €80. The prices vary greatly depending on the piercing type. A piercing on the earlobe (lobe piercing) costs significantly less than a helix or industrial piercing.

A helix piercing is a very popular ear piercing, which is pierced on the upper edge of the auricle. In terms of price, the helix piercing is in the upper range of ear piercings with up to 80 €. In addition to the helix piercing, the tragus piercing, which is located on the small cartilage at the entrance to the ear, is also extremely popular and costs around €30 to €60.

With industrial piercing, the auricle is pierced in two places and then connected with a long barbell rod. With the orbital piercing, two piercing ear holes are also linked with a ring. This type of piercing, which connects two piercings together, is of course more complex and therefore costs more. Here the prices range between 60 € and 80 €.

Other popular ear piercings include the rook piercing, the snug piercing, and the Daith piercing. The rook piercing is pierced vertically through the inner cartilage fold or the antihelix and costs around €30 – €60.

The snug piercing is located on the ear cartilage parallel to the edge of the ear and is priced at around €40 to €60. With the Daith piercing, the lower cartilage fold above the auditory canal is pierced and, at up to €80, it is one of the more expensive ear piercings.

ear piercing cost
ear piercing cost

How much does a nose piercing cost?

Nose piercings cost between €30 and €80. Here, too, the price depends on the type of piercing. For a Nostril piercing, in which the nostril is pierced, you should budget up to 50 €. For a septum, where the nasal septum is pierced, you pay up to 80 €.

For rarer nose piercings such as the bridge piercing, which sits horizontally between the eyes at the top of the bridge of the nose, or the Austin bar piercing, which runs horizontally through the tip of the nose, the cost is around €40 – €80.

What is the price of a navel piercing?

Belly button piercings are one of the most popular piercings for both women and men. Traditionally, the navel piercing is done above the navel, but the variant below the navel for the top-down look is now also in great demand. The prices for this popular piercing usually vary greatly and vary from studio to studio at around €40 to €70.

How much does a tongue piercing cost?

You can have your tongue pierced in different places. So there is, for example, tongue frenulum piercing, snake eyes, or venom piercing. Expect to pay up to €70 for a tongue piercing.

Cost of Dermal Anchor Piercings

Skin and surface piercings such as dermal anchors are placed under the skin and cost up to €90. In contrast to all other types of piercing, the dermal anchor cannot be removed by yourself but must be removed by the piercer. For such a distance you pay €15 to €30 in most studios.

Genital piercing prices

The prices for genital piercings are significantly higher at up to 170 €. This large difference between the prices of other piercings can be explained by the higher degree of difficulty of genital piercings. Depending on the variant of the genital piercing, the piercer has to pay much more attention to ensuring that the piercing is pierced correctly.

Piercing jewelry prices

After your piercing has been pierced and healed, you can now choose your suitable piercing jewelry from a large number of unique piercings at Piercing XXL. Piercing jewelry prices vary depending on the material and design, with most piercings starting at $2 to $10.

There is no maximum price limit since more expensive piercings made of valuable materials such as 14 or 18-carat gold are also in demand. One of the common materials is surgical steel, which is inexpensive and of high quality at the same time.

Titanium piercing jewelry is a little more expensive, but it is particularly suitable as initial jewelry or for allergy sufferers, as this material is 100% nickel-free.

Piercing jewelry is available in various forms such as rings, studs, clickers, labrets, and more for every type of piercing. All these different types of jewelry are available at Piercing XXL in unusual, modern, and unique designs as well as in classic, simple, and filigree styles.

Ear Piercing: Ear piercing jewelry comes in a wide range of shapes and designs as this is one of the most popular piercings. Depending on the location of the ear piercing, different types of jewelry are required.

For example, rings and clickers are particularly popular for Daith piercings, while rings and labrets are in demand for helix piercings. All imaginable designs for ear piercings are available in our shop for €1.99.

Nose piercing: There are also different types of piercing jewelry for nose piercings to suit every taste. Studs and rings make up most piercing jewelry for the nose. Nose crawlers, which offer the look of a ring and the benefits of a stud, are also popular. No matter which form you prefer, you will find it here for €1.99.

Belly button piercing: You can find belly button piercings in many different styles and materials from €1.99. By the way, you can also wear your navel piercing during pregnancy with our special pregnancy navel piercings made of Bio flex.

Lip piercing: For lip piercings, Bio flex labrets with attachments made of, for example, surgical steel, 14-carat gold, or zirconia stones are particularly recommended, as they do not damage the teeth due to their softness. On our site, you will find many high-quality labrets in great designs for €2.99.

Prices for additional piercings

Other popular piercings include eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, and nipple piercings. Eyebrow and nipple piercings cost around €40 to €70. For lip piercings, the price range is around €40 to €80.

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