Nose Piercing

How much does nose piercing cost in the USA?

How much does it cost to get a nose piercing and what other prices are there for care products and jewelers? If you’re considering getting a nose piercing, you’re probably also interested in what the costs will be. Here you can find out.

Nose piercing cost of piercing

In order to get a nose piercing, you should of course definitely go to a professional piercing studio. However, the prices for nose piercings can vary greatly from only 15 euros to 50 euros, so that price comparison is worthwhile and it is best to ask different studios.

You should also keep in mind that the price does not necessarily have to say anything about the qualification of the piercer.

So a piercer who charges a small price for a nose piercing doesn’t necessarily have to be worse, but a piercer who charges more money for a nose piercing doesn’t necessarily have to be better either. In order to be able to judge that, it is best to take a look at the studio yourself beforehand and make sure that everything is hygienic.

If you look locally for the nose piercing costs asks, can you connect them together right away? In addition, when choosing a piercer, you can very well orientate yourself on recommendations from friends and acquaintances if they have already had good experiences.

You can find more tips on this on the Internet through the reviews of individual piercing studios.

The nose piercing costs at the piercer usually include not only the piercing itself but also the initial jewelry and sometimes even care products.

The scope of the services should also be taken into account when comparing prices. It would be possible, for example, to pay a piercer who initially seems more expensive to pay less overall if they give you disinfectant and you don’t have to buy it at the pharmacy.

Cost of nose piercing care products

Nose piercing cost
Nose piercing

If disinfectant is not included in the studio’s offer, you have to buy it as well. This results in additional costs of around 5 euros, but these are essential.

Since a freshly made piercing must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, you should be happy to pay this small fee, after all, you also want the nose piercing to heal easily, quickly, and beautifully.

If the nose piercing does become inflamed, you should plan for additional costs for disinfecting and caring for your piercing wound.

How much does nose piercing jewelry cost?

The initial jewelry that you get used by the piercer is usually rather simple.

As a result, many want to change their nose piercing once it has healed. But even later you might want to use a different piece of jeweler because you need a little variety.

Different nose piercing costs can then arise for new studs or rings, depending on the type, material, and design. Nevertheless, the prices are in a very reasonable range between about 2 and 12 euros per piece of jewelry and even nose piercings made of real gold are affordable with costs of only 20 to 30 euros. With such small nose piercing costs, you can then buy more than just a few studs and rings and then change them often and as you please.


Going to the piercer is a must, as is aftercare so that the wound heals quickly. So keep in mind that in addition to the costs of getting the piercing, there are also care products and matching nose piercings.

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