Ear Piercing

How much does an ear piercing cost?

ear piercing cost
ear piercing cost

For many, simply having their earlobes pierced is no longer enough. A glittering stone in the auricle, an extraordinary industrial, or a ring on the edge of the auricle: curated ears are absolutely trendy. In an interview with the cost check expert, we clarify what ear piercings cost and what variants there are.

How much do ear piercings cost?

Cost check: The price for the piercing varies, as each piercer calculates something differently. Which jewelry you ultimately decide on also has an effect on the costs.

Pierce earlobesapprox. 20 EUR
All other piercings like Helix or Industrial20 – 80 EUR
ear piercing cost

What variants are there?

Cost check: In addition to the classic ear piercing, there are many other ways to set a piercing on the ear. We have summarized the most common forms for you in the following table:

designationdescriptionhealing time
LobePierced earlobe. It should no longer be shot with a pistol, as was customary in the past since these holes heal less well than pierced ones.3 – 6 weeks
A tripSits in the inner area of ​​the auricle bulge. Usually, a small ring is worn here.2 – 4 Fun
SnugIs pierced in the inner cartilage fold. A banana or a small ring is suitable as jewelry.3 – 9 Fun
HelixDecorates the edge of the auricle and is pierced through the cartilage there. The ring or plug looks very pretty here.3 – 9 Fun
RookPierced perpendicularly through the antihelix, a ridge of cartilage near the helix. A ring or a banana is suitable as jewelry.3 – 6 Fun
TragusThe tragus is a piece of cartilage at the entrance of the ear canal that is pierced for this piercing.3 – 9 Fun
Anti-TragusIs pierced opposite the tragus on the inner edge of the cartilaginous process.3 – 9 Fun
ConchSits inside the hollow in the ear and is pierced through the pinna. A dermal punch is very suitable as jewelry.3 – 6 Fun
IndustrialThis piercing runs through the top edge of the pinna through two opposite holes. A long rod is inserted through both and closed with balls.3 – 9 Fun
OrbitalIs pierced through the helix and inner ear cartilage with a larger ring.3 – 9 Fun
ear piercing cost

Stab or shoot: which method is better?

Cost check: Ear piercings should no longer be shot, as wounds caused by the pistol heal much more slowly. Ear piercings are usually pierced or punched with a needle. In the first method, a hollow needle is pushed through the tissue. This is then pulled out, leaving a sterile cannula in the piercing hole, through which the initial jewelry is inserted. The cannula is removed and the piece of jewelry is closed with a ball.

When punching, a piece of cartilage is punched out and not displaced, as is the case with the stabbing. As a result, wound healing is much faster and painless.

How do I care for the fresh piercing?

Cost check: So that the small wound does not become inflamed, you should touch the ear piercing as little as possible. Before you clean the piercing and move it once a day, be sure to disinfect your hands.

Dyeing hair is taboo in the first few weeks because the harsh agents could irritate the area severely. This also applies to visits to the solarium, indoor pool, or sauna. Make sure that the wound does not come into contact with shampoo or hair care products.

Do not cover the piercing with a plaster, because the resulting moisture can cause bacteria to multiply by leaps and bounds and lead to painful inflammation. If despite good care, the wound reddens and starts to hurt, you should definitely contact your piercer.

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