Nose Ring

How much cost for a double Nose Ring?

double nose ring
Double nose ring

Nose piercings have a long tradition in mankind. As early as 44,000 B.C. BC, Australian Aborigines made nose rings out of bone and wore them in the nasal septum. However, the practice that has influenced nose piercing today is the 4000-year-old tradition of using double nose ring in the Middle East. It all started in the 1500s when nose piercings have become a big part of Indian culture. Later, in the 1960s, hippies visiting India began wearing nose piercing themselves, making nose piercing more popular in the punk and Goth subcultures before eventually spreading the practice around the world.

In the 21st century, nose rings in the western world are worn primarily as a fashion accessory with little to no cultural or traditional significance. Nowadays, wearing cute nose rings is becoming more accepted by society, as is tattooing and other forms of self-expression.

Double nose ring types

What kind of nose piercing you want to wear depends entirely on your individual preferences. Nostril and septum placements are very popular, but you might also fall in love with one of our other types of unique designs. When it comes to choosing your next piercing, you need to decide which style best suits your face as well as your lifestyle. Because of the location, you should also make sure that you choose a place that you can take good care of. Here are some of the unique design:

Double nose ring types and designs

  • Ring full of colored stones
  • Simple titanium ring
  • Sparkling cubic zirconia flower

What types of nose piercings are there?

Nose piercings can be done around the surface of the entire nose. However, the most popular places are the nostrils, the high nostril, which is slightly higher, and the septum. In addition, there is also the special bridge piercing, in which a straight barbell is used between the eyes in such a way that it is visible from both sides of the bridge of the nose. There are also nasal long, third eye, and vertical tip piercings.

As you can see, there are countless types of nose piercings. To learn more about the different types, you can click through the different nose piercing subcategories above. There you will find further information and pictures.

double nose ring
double nose ring

Where can you buy nose piercings?

Buy your unique nose piercings at Body mod! In online stores or visiting your nearby shopping market, you will find a lot of interesting information about the different piercings before you buy them. Online shops offer a large selection of different nose piercings, for example:

  • Call
  • horseshoe
  • nose screws
  • plug
  • Septum

How do I care for nose piercings?

The aftercare process with a nose piercing is especially crucial if you want to enjoy your new piercing without complications. There is a slight difference in the healing time of different nose piercings. In this section, we cover the most common type of piercing; the nostril.

The healing time for a nostril piercing is about 4 to 6 months. This means that you should be prepared to actively look after your fresh piercing for six months.

The most important part of aftercare is keeping the area around your piercing clean. So don’t get your piercing done in the middle of allergy season when you have to blow your nose all the time!

Rather choose a time when you are healthy and you can bear not to touch your face for a day. To keep the area around your piercing clean, apply the saline solution with a cotton ball or soak your nose in a homemade saline solution.

With salt and warm water, you can easily make your own saline solution at home. It is also very important that you always wash your hands and do not play with your piercing. Applying makeup is also a no-go.

double nose ring
double nose ring

Otherwise, keep bacteria away from your newly pierced area as much as possible and keep your piercing clean. If you follow these tips, you shouldn’t have any trouble with the healing process. Once the six-month healing period is over and your pierced area looks and feels healed, wait another week or two and follow your usual aftercare routine before changing your piercing.

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