Ear Piercing


The best basic earring for a helix piercing? Women of all nations, ages, and social classes had their ears pierced and decorated with gold and diamonds head over heels. I understood: Big bling is no longer just worn on the finger but on the ear. This noble adornment is called “ear duration”.

That doesn’t distract from the fact that exclusive jewelry stores or New York Adorned pay meticulous attention to cleanliness. I had to wait almost two hours for my piercer Peter because there were five other women in front of me and not only the ear but also the studs and rings have to be thoroughly cleaned before each piercing.

And that’s what piercing is all about. I had my first helix piercing (the helix is ​​the bulge around the ear) on my ass cheek in a department store with a gun instead of a needle and had to take the earring out just a few days later. The hole had become infected and the ring was pressing on a nerve ending. It was unbearable.

I got my second helix piercing at Classic Tattoo in Berlin – and was totally surprised at how professional my piercer was at the time. The result: A beautiful helix piercing on my left ear, for which Flori gave me a small hoop with opals for my birthday. In London, I got my second helix piercing on the right side and have been wearing this small creole with diamond since then without any problems.

These are my 6 tips for helix piercing:

1. See a professional piercer

You shouldn’t make mistakes like me and want to save money and time like me. A piercing should be done well and if you don’t go to a professional you risk infection as I did. In addition, a helix piercing hurts, after all, the needles pierce through the cartilage tissue, unlike the soft earlobe (“lobe”). A good piercer doesn’t let you see the needle and works quickly. By the way: the stinging hurts, but the first six to eight weeks afterward are not without problems either. You should be prepared for that.

2. Pay attention to cleanliness

If the piercing studio or the piercer seems dingy to you in just one detail, I would run away. Because piercing is a ritual, especially when it comes to cleanliness. The coach has to be spotless, the piercer has to change the gloves for every customer, and the needle and the earrings have to be cleaned or sterile packed. You should also be informed about wound care of the puncture canal and given a note if necessary.

3. Take time for consultation

Every ear is individual, so not every stud or ring will work where you envisioned the piercing. This is an important point, especially for people who wear glasses, otherwise the bracket presses on the connector or irritates the wound healing process. With a helix piercing, it can take up to a year before it heals painlessly and you can sleep in that ear again. Therefore, you should never have both ears pierced at the same time. I got my second piercing in late January and now in early March it still hurts when I accidentally touch the ring with a boob of hair while combing. Before piercing, the insertion and exit points are marked with a pen. At this moment you should definitely look in the mirror again and put on your glasses as a test.

4. Take the aftercare seriously

First of all, you are not allowed to go to the swimming pool or sauna for six weeks. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to get a helix piercing before summer or spa vacation. However, the appointment should not take place in the coldest winter either, because you can hardly wear a hat with a fresh piercing because the cuff may press on the ear. I bought an antibacterial spray for cleaning (2x daily) that is based on salt water. In addition, I use a wound spray and cortisone cream if I feel that the salt spray isn’t doing enough.

5. Not fiddling with the piercing

Please keep your hands off, even if it’s seductive. Under no circumstances should you turn the earring back and forth, otherwise the wound healing will be disturbed. If there is a small incrustation somewhere, you can carefully remove it with the spray and a Q-tip. Otherwise, you should leave the piercing completely alone for the first few months.

6. Dare to mix styles

That’s my personal opinion, but I think a mix of styles is cooler than matching all the earrings perfectly. I took a close look at how the sellers and piercers combine their earrings. Now I wear a mix of diamonds, rose gold, and white gold, although there are special studs and rings for cartilage piercings (“cartilage”). I definitely have room left in my ear and as soon as the helix piercing on my right ear has healed completely, I want to get another hole pierced in my left earlobe and maybe get a “Daith” piercing.

For reasons of sustainability, I personally prefer not to wear costume jewelry anymore, but only gold-plated real gold or silver. It’s an investment, but if you wear the jewelry every day like I do and want to shower and do sports with it, then it’s worth it.

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