From lobe piercing to helix piercing and your style

In this article, I will explain all about lobe piercing to helix piercing and styles. For many, the first piercing of an ear and the first stud for the earlobe are simply a part of when they start to be interested in fashion, jewelry, and outfits. And often it stays with this one piece of jewelry. We think that’s a shame because your ears have an anatomy that gives you many opportunities for expressive beautification.

We will show you what is possible with an ear piercing, which styles are currently trending and how you can make your ears an eye-catcher.

Piercing or ear hole – what’s the difference?

The classic ear piercing, which children often do, goes through the earlobe and is “shot” with a special ear piercing gun. With piercing, on the other hand, a special piercing hollow needle is used.

The ear piercing with a pistol is about as thick as the first piece of sterile jewelry shot in the process. With piercing, on the other hand, there are precisely defined sizes, depending on the needle size. These are usually 0.8 mm, 1.2 mm, or 1.6 mm.

If you are unsure: We recommend 1.2 mm as standard. There are those who claim that piercing is better for the tissue and the cartilage tissue. We leave this evaluation to the piercing studio you trust, who can have the piercing pierced for you; but one thing is clear: Many piercings can only be done with difficulty or not at all with an ear piercing gun.

Isn’t “just” a pierced ear more elegant?

For us, the earlobe has established itself over many decades as a typical place for ear jewelry in the auricle – whether for studs, earrings, or hoop earrings. Whoever wore piercings in another part of the ear ten or twenty years ago underlined their own difference and wanted to send a clear signal. That’s different today: Ear piercings are no longer accessories for punk, alternative lifestyles, or emo styles – but strong accents of your type. How ear piercings work is also a question of their positioning. And your ear offers you a lot of different possibilities!

What types of ear piercings are there?

The structure of the ears offers a multitude of possibilities for piercings – from inconspicuous to playfully romantic to an exclamation mark that has become jewelry. The places where you can get a piercing are almost endless. Some examples of ear piercing positioning:

Helix, Tragus, Lobe, and the Ear cuffs

From lobe piercing to helix piercing

Helix piercing

Helix piercings are pierced in the small ridge that surrounds your ear. With the beginning of the ear piercing trend, it became an ideal place for jewelry. This piercing is therefore particularly popular and is often stung.

Our tip: clicker rings – preferably several as a helix.

Tragus piercing

This cartilage sits at the front of your ear and slightly covers the entrance of your ear – and a great place for studs or filigree rings! Like the helix piercing, the tragus is very popular and one of the “beginner” piercings.

Our tip: Labret studs with a circle or delicate rhinestones.

Lobe piercing

The classic: jewelry on the earlobe – the lobe piercing. Depending on the condition of your earlobes, you can also vary the position here and / or attach several piercings.

Our tip: combine a creole with a stud in the upper part of the earlobe. Jewelry in gold is our favorite here!

No piercing: the ear cuffs

Do you just want to beautify your earlobes and don’t dare to pierce the ear cartilage? Ear cuffs are clamped to the ear – usually in the middle of the ear cup. They are not only an alternative for anyone who doesn’t want a permanent piercing – they are also a cool addition to existing piercings and are therefore particularly popular.

Ear piercings: the trends

Trendsetters order online or buy in stores. That’s why we know exactly what’s particularly popular at the moment! In the last two years, our style scouts have identified these trends in ear piercing:

More Personality:

Piercings are no longer a sign of a social group affiliation but underline your individuality.

More Elegance:

Piercings, evening gowns, and the red carpet – these are no longer mutually exclusive.

More Glamour:

It can glitter again! So don’t hold back and add some glitter to your ears too.

… And as far as the position of the piercing is concerned: We are mainly asked about jewelry for tragus, helix piercing, and conch.

Ring or plug? Forms of piercing jewelry

Whether you choose a ring or stud depends on a few factors, such as which piercing you have. Studs, for example, are very suitable as the tragus, while piercing rings are very popular with helixes. The reason you wear it can also be decisive, as well as your personal taste.

In general, it can be said that piercing rings are currently more in demand. Their standard diameter of 8 mm fits very often, but you can also find various other sizes. I hope you get the best information From lobe piercing to helix piercing.

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