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Ear piercing for children

ear piercing for children
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Many good shops offer a safe option for ear piercing for children, especially for children. This ear piercing system is particularly gentle and almost noiseless so that no child is frightened when the ear is pierced. The initial ear studs and clasps are packaged in sterile cartridges, which the ear piercing specialist inserts directly into the instrument without touching the ear stud. Safe, hygienic, and fast.

Only the best for your child’s ears

All of the initial studs are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. We offer a wide range of adorable stud designs for children – from classic shapes to cute motifs from nature or fairy tales.

For small children and babies, we have developed a special collection of first-ear studs for very small ears.

Ear piercing for kids: tips for parents

Lifelong joy for your child

1st: Make it a nice event

If your child can help choose their earrings, they will focus on the beautiful studs and less on the ear piercing process. Your choice of words is also important. Avoid scary words like “stab,” “shoot,” or “gun.” Instead, go “Get Earrings Made”. The ear piercing specialist uses a “small earring instrument”. (Shaped like a pistol, but the ear piercing process is much smoother). You probably know it from visiting the doctor with your child: many children are a little afraid of needles, even if it’s just a small prick. Compared to syringes, however, ear piercing is hardly noticeable, even for children.

2nd: Regular care

Good care after ear piercing is extremely important. As parents, this is of course also your responsibility. Please read and follow our care instructions. Depending on their age, explain to your child how it can help her ears heal quickly. Always make sure that the ear stud closures are not pressed too close to the ear hole. You ensure that they sit at the ideal distance from the ear (in the small notch at the end of the plug pin) right from the start. As long as you don’t change this position, enough air gets to the ear. This promotes the healing process.

ear piercing for children
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How to get your ears pierced professionally:

12 steps of ear piercing for children

Ear piercing is easy, safe, and absolutely hygienic. The following 12 steps describe what to expect when you have your child’s ears professionally pierced.

Step 1 of ear piercing for children

The earlobes are thoroughly cleaned on both sides with the alcohol swab. The alcohol should then sit for 30 seconds and dry.

Step 2

A marker is used to mark the exact spot where the ear will be pierced.

Step 3

Look at the marked spot in the mirror and agree if you are satisfied. The paint is then carefully wiped away so that only a slightly visible dot marks the desired spot.

Step 4

The blister pack’s sealing paper is peeled off without removing the cartridge containing the initial stud and closure, ensuring sterility.

Step 5

The cartridge is then inserted into the instrument holder without touching it.

Step 6

Once the cartridge has been properly inserted, the blister pack is removed. Neither the first ear stud nor the clasp was touched at any time.

Step 7

The ear stud tip is positioned precisely on the marked spot on the ear.

Step 8

The instrument is squeezed and the ear is gently pierced with the initial stud. The ear stud clasp is positioned at the same time to ensure the correct distance between the earlobe and the clasp.

Step 9

At this point, the pressure is released from the instrument and removed with a slightly downward motion.

Step 10

The blister pack is then placed over the empty cartridge for easy removal.

Step 11

The cartridge is now removed and discarded. This completes the completely sterile lancing process.

Step 12

Finally, you’re an ear piercing specialist: who will advise you on how to properly care for your new ear piercings. From 24 hours after the ear piercing, you should regularly apply a care product to the front and back of the ear piercing twice a day.

ear piercing for children
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